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Skills Required to Be an Effective SEO and Web Content Writer

The skills a writer needs to be an effective writer changes with the medium and the message, so the writer needs to be not only skilled, but versatile and flexible as well. What that means is content writing for SEO calls for the writer to be knowledgeable in a number of industries, or have the ability to do the required research to learn about a business, if that business is new to the writer.

Because no matter what, the content must read as if the author had at the very least a rudimentary understanding of the business he/she is writing about. The SEO content writer also must possess the ability to change styles depending on the medium.

News is written in AP style, but blogging is personal and often opinionated. Advertising is persuasive and uses very descriptive language, while a white paper is ostensibly a problem with its solution in written (and relatively boring) form. But all types of writing are content, and the successful SEO and web content writer can utilize each style depending on what the marketing plan stipulates.

Another important skill of the content writer is to know the audience toward whom the marketing is directed, as well to be familiar with his client’s competition in the same commercial space.

Not only finding about who the competition is, but who is linking to their content, and who is blogging about it? Or posting it in their social media feeds?

Newlefe Digital even has the tools to show you your competition’s diagnostics to see where they are spending their marketing campaign revenue. One more skill that has really only come to the forefront in the past decade, and that is Social Media.

Your SEO and web content writer must have a black-belt in Social Media to maximize your business’s online image. We’re Social Media butterflies … and that’s a good thing! Newlefe Digital demonstrates to all of its clients not only what we say we can do, but also how we do it, and we have our own software to show our clients what’s working and what’s not. That allows us to make their marketing dollar go much further by spending smarter, not spending more.

Give us the chance to earn your business and we guarantee your satisfaction with our performance.

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