Sarasota SEO Content Writer

sarasota SEO Content Writer
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sarasota SEO Content Writer

What is a SEO Content Writer
Why are SEO Content Writers Important?

A SEO content writer is someone who provides relevant content for the web page, site or publication for whom they are working. It’s the SEO content writer’s job to:

  1. Understand the dynamics of search engine optimization like keywords and keyword phrases;
  2. Be able to employ those keywords and phrases into a cogent, intelligent, concise article that is informative for the reader and fun to read;
  3. Have the research tools and writing ability to write quality, compelling content.
  4. Be flexible. Writing SEO content can be anything from personal to persuasive, and from factual to strongly-opinionated.

So being an SEO content writer employs not only the skills of AP Style, and it requires the writer to be considerably more creative. The success of the SEO writer also demands that the SEO content writer employ a broad skillset, with respect to writing for multiple mediums on numerous topics simultaneously, and to keep the content fun and/or informative for the reader.

The position of SEO content writer is becoming more and more important in online marketing for a cyber kaleidescope of reasons. One reason is that Google AdWords allows your marketing team to buy pay-per-click keywords and keyword phrases that are the most common words used in a search for your company or your company’s services. We want your company name to shoot to the top of every keyword or keyword phrase related to your industry or service your business provides. That’s better for your company’s appeal, and it’s good for generating leads to your website.

Another important reason SEO content writers are becoming invaluable is the traffic on the internet search engines is increasing by the nanosecond, and your company’s online ability to rise above the noise is crucial for your company’s online prestige. Google search uses uses a logorithm to search out keywords and keyword phrases skillfully placed throughout the blog article … without looking clunky or contrived. And that takes quite a bit of creativity after the first dozen blogs on the same topic! 

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